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Earring Charms

Lydia Gold Opal Coin Earring Charms


Lydia Gold Opal Coin Earring Charms Maker Tips Slide the earring charms onto the Mojo hoops, hooks, or the loop found on the earrings. If the charms don’t slide on or the design is facing sideways, use the premium quality Mojo jump rings included...

Kate Gold Celestial Earring Charms


The Kate earring charms are what celestial dreams are made of. These uniquely-shaped pieces include a whimsical moon motif centered around a vibrant opal stone, as fiery as the sun itself. Check out our “Maker Tips” for easy ways to create...

Emmarie Gold Crystal Slice Earring Charms


The natural beauty of cut crystal shines in the Emmarie earring charms. These charms are cut from a quartz crystal and its naturally-occurring rings and sparkle will add the perfect boho touch to any earrings. These earring charms are crafted from an...

Annie Heart Locket CZ Earring Charms


A sweet addition to your most fabulous Mojo earrings. A pair of timeless gold heart lockets with a dazzling CZ stone. Add a pics of your fav furry pooch or include heartfelt pics for a loved one, talk about a perfect gift! Maker Tips Slide the earring...

Paige Dainty Coin Earring Charms


This coin charm is a must-have for adding a discreet touch of shine. Each dainty coin is inlaid with CZ stones and features an intricate sunburst etching. For help on adding these charms to your earrings see our Maker Tips tab below. Maker Tips Slide...

Orla Triangle Stone Earring Charms


Where modern meets edgy, the Orla charms are a perfect addition to your Mojo earrings. The sleek triangular design makes for perfect functionality and versatility. Craft the perfect custom pair and check out our Maker Tips tab for extra help. Maker Tips...

Oaklee Crystal Drop Earring Charms


Minimalistic and modern, the Oaklee charms boast natural crystal stones that are sure to emit good energy only. Choose from a variety of colors to find the perfect match for your look. Check out the Maker Tips tab and see how to add these to your look...

Norden Pattern Earring Charms


The Norden charms are sure to be one of the most unique pieces in your jewelry box. These charms have a beautiful gold pattern that will add elegance and grace to any of your Mojo earrings. Make them your own by following our Maker Tips below. Maker...