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Brianna Unfinished Dainty Chain, 1 Foot


Brianna Unfinished Dainty Chain, 1 Foot Maker Tips First, decide how many Brianna necklaces you want to make. You need at least 2 feet for one necklace. Next, select the clasp, jump rings, and pliers from our supplies section if you need them. When you...

Rachel Dainty Opal Necklace Pendant


Vibrant white meets minimalist style with our Rachel dainty opal style necklace pendant. If you’re looking to add that final finishing touch to a simple chain or other Mojo jewelry creation, this beautiful marquise-cut stone is sure to add that...

Kathleen Dainty Cable Necklace


The Kathleen dainty cable necklace is the picture of timeless and classic style. Each chain is beautifully crafted and plated in gold, making it an essential piece in any jewelry collection. The Kathleen is perfect for layering or adorning with any...

14K Gold Filled Necklace Collection


Heighten the look of any outfit by choosing from one of our 14K gold filled necklaces offered in box, dainty, cable or satellite styles. Add a touch of flare to casual Friday, or pair with your hottest cocktail dress. All eyes will be on you, as they...