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Unfinished Stainless Steel Rainbow Necklace Chain Collection, 5 Style Options

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Stainless Steel
Gold plated
Silver Plated

Add a pop of color with Mojo's rainbow unfinished chain collection, featuring five stunning style options. Crafted with high-quality stainless steel, these chains are durable and designed to add a vibrant touch to your jewelry collection. Choose from the playful Steff rainbow sequin chain, the luxe Eliza gold or silver rainbow chain, the Steff gold blue-green chain reminiscent of a shimmering ocean, the energetic and lively Steff gold vibrant chain and gold Deena enamel beaded chain or send postive vibes with the striking Destiny colorful evil eye chain. Select the amount of feet you need and we will send the strand in one continuous piece. Style tip: be sure to grab at least two feet for making any choker or necklace.

*Note, unfinished chain is final sale and cannot be returned once we cut it from the spool for your order.

Maker Tips

First, how many necklaces are you making? You need at least 2 feet for one necklace. Unfinished chain is sold in 12 inch lengths (1 foot), as one continuous strand. For cable chains that allow jump rings on each end, see tip 1 below. For curb, box, or tiny cable chain that is too small for jump rings, see tip 2 below.

Tip 1. Select the clasp, jump rings, and pliers from our supplies section if needed. Use wire cutters to cut the chain to your desired length. Next, connect a jump ring to one end of the chain by twisting it open and closed with pliers. Lastly, connect a clasp to the other end of the chain with a jump ring.

Tip 2. Select your clasps, jump rings, crimp ends with loops, and pliers from our supplies section if needed. First, use wire cutters to cut your desired length. Next, use pliers to hold the crimp end by the round ring and feed one end of the chain into the tube. Squeeze the tube with your pliers to tightly secure the crimp end around your chain. Repeat steps to finish the other end. Lastly, attach the clasp to one of the crimp end loops by opening and closing a jump ring with pliers.

More help?

Style tip: if you need an extra large jump ring for a bracelet that is especially large, message us and we will check our supply for a larger ring that may fit the diameter of your bracelet.

More help?

See the Customer Care section at the bottom of our website for Maker Tips with easy how-to videos, blogs, and infographics from your Mojo team.

Product Details

Unfinished chains are sold by the foot as one continuous strand

Material: Claire, Destiny, Eliza, Steff: stainless steel and enamel; Deena: stainless steel and glass beads

Closure: no closure, this is unfinished chain for making your own necklace

Measurement: Width: 4mm Claire; 2mm, Deena, Eliza, Steff; 6mm Destiny Length: you choose

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